About Mural Nomad

What is Mural Nomad?

Mural Nomad is a project by the artist Lina Maria Zuluaga

Lina is an artist born in Colombia South America. She was raised in Colombia and North Carolina. This 'in-between' has always been an inspiration in her drawings and she is always exploring new concepts and processes.

This is when Mural Nomad was born!

Mural Nomad at the Line Hotel for a holiday market

"Mural Nomad was created because I have long felt an entrepreneurial calling. With my deep curiosity of what drawing work could become, I decided to make the process more meaningful, not only to me, but to the people who experience my work. I had been attending local and national art exhibitions and kept seeing the same male artists working through the same processes and being featured and represented on the same platforms by the same curators. CraftHer Market was one of the first places that showed me Mural Nomad could become something more and through their empowerment and inclusion of my work and creative entrepreneurship I was able to connect with my community and the people working on professional artistic endeavors that are not part of the sameness I kept seeing elsewhere."

- Lina Maria Zuluaga